Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's OK Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up with Amber & Neely for It's OK Thursdays!
Hey it's OK:
  • That my car stalled on me yesterday while I was leaving work .... wait no, that's not OK.
  • That I am spending more than I expected to on Emma's 1st Birthday party. She only turns 1 once right? After this year we can do small things.
  • That I call Emma princess at times, even though I use to balk about how much I hated that.
  • That I have 0 time to myself anymore. Between work, training someone at work and coming home to care for Emma the rest of the night, I am exhausted. But it's for Emma, so it's OK.
  • That I no longer have my pretty blonder hair. It's now my natural poopy dark blonde/light brown color. Actually NO it's not OK. I hate it, lol.
  • That it looks like Emma is going to have the same color hair as me.
  • That damn near all these things included Emma. LOL
  • That people don't get it when you tell them I have no time to watch any new shows, let alone the ones I currently watch.
  • To want to go on a spa day. I would give anything for a pedicure right now and for my hair look fabulous. Dear Hana people....please send me something to review, my hair needs it!
  • To have not drank anything alcoholic since before I got pregnant. Yes, I sipped a smidgen of wine once, but that doesn't count.
  • That I am now 35 years old. It so strange saying that. I really thought I would have more kids by now.


Emily B said...

Oh girl! I'm with you on the time aspect. I don't know how I'll survive when kids come in the mix. I need a few extra hours in the day that are dead time:)

Hailey said...

I know what you mean about some shows! I just erased a bunch that were just accumulating every week and were honestly never going to be watched! I do have my few that I will watch no matter what, but some were just in case I ran out of something to watch while I was nursing the newborn. Well he is 18 months old now and I don't have that excuse anymore. :)
Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Vanessa Miller said...

You're exactly right...they only turn one once! I think I did well with the spending on Ashlyn's birthday but it was still a lot for a one year old! I'm with ya on the age thing. I'll be 30 this year and really thought I would be done having kids by now!

Gina Gao said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your car stalled on you! This is a great post!