The headboard is an element that takes more charm and personality in the composition of the room. There are several easy options to apply and selected a few to inspire you and use in your own room. Check it out!

effect understood

For those looking for versatility and elegance in the head understood is a good choice. The technique understood existed for centuries and consists of a craftsmanship that can be developed in different tissues. Made by stitching or buttons, the process happens with a deep seam composing geometric patterns. Best of 
all is that this aesthetic readings wins and is always high!

headwaters Opening


Here the headboard is upholstered and follows a basic look. The idea to convey identity and make the space was to create a remarkable dialogue between the extension and a wallpaper and headboard. The alternative produced a sophisticated and creative.
Headwaters Wallpaper

rustic delicate:

A piece of rustic wood allows various forms of use. Here the raw materials gained bedside and function, despite its robust feature, part of the environment gently. This was made possible by harmonic alignment of the tables above, which create a set feminine and delicate.

Delicate headboards

preparation romantic

Another possibility is to bet on the iron. This material can be prepared thoroughly and submit forms. Here the 
raw material and brings lightness was trimmed with elaborate curves. The double room becomes much more romantic!

Headwaters Elaboration Romantic


Taking the time to dig for decoration objects can result in great finds! Here the piece that takes us back to colonial times and give a dose to the rustic room. Balance is achieved with soft and soothing tones of other decorative items.

headwaters drilling

ethnic carpet:

Those who do not have headboards can explore creativity! Here a large carpet ethnic dimension was placed above the bed to decorate the wall. With drawings that refer to African decor, the place gained color, life and authenticity.

Headwaters Carpet

Padded and comfortable:

Individually upholstered panels and joined with a wooden base alternatives are sophisticated and comfortable. This item proposes welfare and warmth to watch TV or do some reading before bed.

Upholstered headboards Panel

Wooden panel:

Wood paneling upscale unable to fulfill the role of the head and at the same time providing a homely touch. In this model the panel covering almost the entire width of the wall and imparts an aesthetic refinement.

Wood Headboards panel 

classic Panel:

The classic is also timeless! A padded smooth, color of your choice, can bring the well-being necessary to the room. Combining the tone of the piece with the other elements is the secret to a visually pleasing space.

headboard Classic


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