Purple and grey are very stylish and warm colors for houses and interior designs, purple and grey appropriate with all seasons in year, so i provide this modern house in purple and grey with modern decorating ideas and grey paint with purple furniture

I must confess I confess ... that mauve, purple and gray whistle me, and I think the decor provide that detail female. 
now bye week from a house that I believe ... has it all. Wanted flat , idem features in the area ... anyone know of any?? Spacious, bright, and ... a garden or terrace to enjoy sunny days. This house has all these features, in addition to possessing moderate and elegant decor. The simplicity in the mix, and some original pieces as lamp, or chairs by Charles & Ray, are those signs that housing in this feels decoration. Sitting down to enjoy a house like that, and why not ... dream of having something like this in the future.

I want to say this it not the first time i provide the purple interior designs or purple furniture, if you like purple and grey in your interior design i suggest this links for you:

Now, let me show you the post of this day - Modern house purple and grey interior design images

Modern House in Purple and grey interior design
Having a seating area with so much light, it's almost a privilege.
I love the way you weave those puff by way of side tables and the contrast of a rattan mat against a dark ground. Stands out even more 
the target of the room ... not you think??

modern kitchen in white
The kitchen is a simple, very straight lines that provide 
the cleaning, and this homogeneity.
Quite possibly the hide wood-grain ceramic floor radiant floors .... something nice, with lots of energy efficiency and 
very supportive to avoid radiators in our decor.

small kitchen design in white
Modern bedroom in Purple and grey interior design
Wrong! because it will be that they have dispensed with radiators .... 
least point man Now!
Although I really like the composition is certainly not 
clothe  the bed with a quilt so ... sorry!
I am a bit easier.

Modern children room in Purple and grey interior design
The space of the smallest, seems ideal. Mixing shades of gray and many textiles, but keeping that touch children.
Do not tell me that there is a space.

Modern bathroom in Purple and grey interior design


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