There are many people love the luxurious interior designs and ask me how to create luxurious interior decor so i provide top 10 decor element to create luxurious interior decor 2014 with luxury furniture and luxury accessories
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Today i mention for luxurious interior decor with top 10 element to create luxurious interior decor and luxurious interior designs ideas

Interior - a reflection of our ego, our moods and emotions. Pleasant atmosphere in the house pleasing to the eye and can significantly improve the general atmosphere, adding comfort. But properly designed interior depressing - to the extent that the person does not want to return to native land. In connection with this approach to the arrangement of the house should be the most careful consideration. It is better if the tone and style of design will gently-easy: so they will not have to "push". In this case, it is appropriate to bring to the interior of the elements of luxury. The following items you can easily implement even the most boring design - he will play immediately in a new way to make you feel like a resident of the beautiful castle 

Curtains in luxurious interior decor

Luxury curtains give your interior a chic elegance. For the hall and bedroom curtains, you can choose the volume of slightly shiny material, or mother of pearl. To cope with the challenge of creating a chic help maroon, turquoise, brown and, of course, golden hues.

luxury curtain designs, curtains ideas for luxurious interior

Valance and canopy bed in luxurious interior

Valance on the bed is able to transform any room into a fabulous space in the eastern style of "1000 and 1 night." It will create the appearance of your bed closed for privacy and add comfort. The canopy can be transparent or a rich dark fabric. 

luxury canopy bed curtain, decor element for luxurious interior
valance and canopy bed for luxurious interior designs

Chandelier in luxurious interior decor

Chandelier - volume, gold or silver plated, decorated with interesting shades and expensive decorative elements - is important not only as a device for lighting: Also, it will make your interior incredible, magnificent! It is quite possible to make room accent, but it certainly should be in harmony with the general concept of the latter.

luxury chandelier for luxurious interior designs elements
luxury chandelier, decor elements to create luxurious interior

Paintings, tapestries, photos for luxurious interior

Paintings, tapestries, photo - a great way to transform the interior design. Perfectly suited paintings in the spirit of the Renaissance reproductions of famous works of famous artists and black-and-white photographs in the "retro" with the image of urban landscapes or portraits of famous film stars.

luxury paintings, decor element to create luxurious interior
luxury paintings, decor element to create luxurious interior

High windows in luxurious interiors designs

High windows, ideally - from the ceiling to the floor - the best solution for the hall or living room, which adds premises of French elegance.

high windows for luxurious interior decor ideas

Mirrors frames in luxurious interior decor

This required (especially for us women) object like a mirror - an essential element of luxury. Oval mirrors in gilt frames fishnet will be a great addition hallway, living room and even the bathroom.

luxury mirror frames for luxurious interior decor

Comfortable chairs and armchairs in luxurious interior

When choosing a chair and seat, if you are pursuing a goal to create a luxurious and stylish interior, it is necessary to give preference to expensive wood, gold leaf, the soft tissues of pure tones and exquisite pens. 

luxury chairs, armchairs for luxurious interior decor
luxury furniture, dining room for luxurious interior decor

luxury Cushions for luxurious interior decor

A set of decorative pillows - it's cozy, soft and elegant. For each room you can find a unique stylistic decision. For example, a child will fit cushions with pictures of animals (rabbit, squirrel, etc.), and for the bedroom and living room will be the way rich silks, velvet, interesting patterns and fringe.

luxury cushions for luxurious interior decor
luxury cushions for luxurious interior decor

stairs and staircase for luxurious interior decor element

If you live in a private home or apartment bunk, it can turn into a real staircase element of decor. It may be semi-circular, spiral, wooden, with unusual patterned railings. The original version - light staircase and stairs: it will refresh the interior.

iron stairs and staircase for luxurious interior decor
wooden stairs and staircase for luxurious interior decor

Fireplace in luxurious interior decor

Fireplace - is not only a symbol of warmth and comfort, but also a great element of luxury. Depending on the overall design of the interior, you can choose the appropriate option: for example, it may be a stone fireplace, giving the "medieval", or classic, with bars, moldings and columns or beautiful figures on the sides. Even when the window starts to rage blizzard, you have at home will be a luxurious comfort! 

fireplace ideas for luxurious interior decor
fireplace ideas for luxurious interior decor


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