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In recent years the popularity of self leveling floor is growing, especially high interest to cover the effect of 3D. As far as appropriate and safe to do such floors in the apartment, as indicated on the labeling of materials "for non-residential premises". Let's find out together!

3D self leveling floor advantages:

 Self leveling floors, 3d floor murals 2014, seamless, which increases their waterproofing and sanitary operation. Indeed, when suddenly the kitchen faucet will leak, the water will be for some time only to your home, do not flood the neighbors, which means that losses will be less, or none at all is because the floor - just do not hurt. Furthermore, seamless coating provides floor without cracks, which can become cluttered and live for years - dirt, germs, dust. These floors are easy to wash and dirt stick to them does not.

Beauty and the exclusivity of this flooring ideas 2014 is achieved by an image overlay for polymer casting. Indeed, now the beauty and uniqueness of your floor depends on your imagination and the size of the purse. At a certain angle drawings on the floor seem to be bulky, which further enhances the originality of your floor 2014.

floor art murals and covering, 3d self leveling floor 2014
Durability - plastics manufacturers give a guarantee of 50 years or more - depending on the class of the coating and the load, which is expected in the operation of the floor. After all, polymer floors - one of the best coatings for garages, factories, mills. It was then that they are hygienic, very durable, easy to keep clean.

Fire resistance - polymers do not burn, it is also one of the reasons that the coating used in manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, child care centers and other places where increased control of fire safety.

this means that the polymer flooring repel dust without accumulating it. Self leveling floor and 3d floor murals is also called "dust-free".

polymer floors 2014 are resistant to ultraviolet light, they do not burn out, being as bright.

black floors, black floor murals and self leveling floor 2014
The tenacious surface - looking at the pictures, it seems that self leveling floors 2014, 3d floor murals are very slippery, because they shine. And in fact, it is not, they have excellent anti-slip properties, slip on them is not more dangerous than an oak floor 2014.

Shortcomings of self leveling floor and 3D floor Murals:

Sophisticated technology installation - the process of laying the floor takes a lot of time. First floor is lined with concrete, drying up of which has been delayed for a month, then made pouring the floor, drying which takes about a week. Pour yourself better not to take the floor, there are many nuances of the process, which can not cope novice master: from the professional equipment for mixing, ending the consistency of the mixture itself and the process of knocking out the air bubbles during the solidification of the floor. 

3d floor murals and self leveling floor for kitchen 2014
High cost - 3D-floor murals filler can not afford not everyone, because not enough professionals in the market, and demand for fashion spectacular floors high. Popularity increases the price of the process, although here and the materials themselves are not cheap. The average price per square meter is Rs 300-500.

Enough expensive care overhaul. This refers to the necessary self leveling floor and 3d floor murals sanding and renovation of the upper layer - at about the same rate at which repaired and polished parquet.

Effect of polymer selection on human health. Manufacturers clearly indicate: for non-residential premises. But we polymer floors are becoming popular just in the apartments. Enough is harmful polymer casting process itself, which must be carried out in special respirators. But this time, the liquid material when the polymer solidifies, it does not release any volatile substances, except when it is heated. It is believed that the polymers begin to release phenol by heating, so it is better for a floor heating system is not laid. To absolutely secure his family, it is advisable to use a polymer flooring in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and toilet, a living room, but it's best to avoid self leveling floors 2014 in the bedroom and the nursery.

Cold floor - really screeds as cold as tiles or concrete, so you should consider where best to use them. The manufacturer recommends leveling floors for common areas, restaurants, hospitals, schools, shops, stores.

As a "swell" floors?

As we have already mentioned, the process is quite time-consuming, require a few days of good materials and experienced professionals.

1. It all starts with the preparation of the base. It needs to be cleaned of any dirt and align. Bumps and cracks are filled with sealant or resin, holes and bumps are modeled. Loose floor surfaces receive appropriate treatment.

amazing floor covering ideas 2014
2. Then finished flat surface is thoroughly cleaned from dust with special cleaners then primed surface is performed to enhance adhesion. So screed better bond with the base.

3d self leveling floor for interior designs 2014
3. And now comes the fun part - poured 3D self leveling floor or 3D floor murals . The mass is distributed with a spatula, and then output pinion air bubbles. This step depends on the kind of mix you choose: one-component or two-component. The first is intended to form the basis for subsequent decorative coating. It dries in 4-6 hours. And the second is designed for finishing decorative coating. Two-component mixture contains two components: a resin and a hardener. In the resin can enhance fine impurities, quartz sand strength. The mixture is distributed on the floor is treated with a spiked roller. Dries 5-6 days. The surface is more durable, coated lacquer finish 

3D floor murals and 3D self leveling floor images:

3d self leveling floor for bathroom 2014
3d floor murals and self leveling floor 2014
3d floor murals 2014 and self leveling floor
natural self leveling floor for floor covering 2014
bathroom floor covering ideas 2014, self leveling floor
floral self leveling floor style for floor covering 2014
purple floor covering ideas, 3d floor murals for living room


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