New trends in home furniture design with eco friendly furniture which made of recycled materials, environment friendly products and eco friendly furniture design for homes

The quest to reverse the terrible damage caused by man in nature is increasingly covering spaces of everyday life. already seen electric cars and houses powered by solar panels, but we can always bring the case a little further.
Indeed, the big news for this purpose is now in the interior design, and more precisely, in furniture design. So you've heard of green furniture?
Clara Huarniz, teaching the Diploma of Furniture Design of Toulouse Lautrec beginning on May 9, has all the latest in design and move this great eco furniture. Do not miss it!

What are eco Furniture?

A piece of furniture that is eco furniture that, by virtue of their design, are friendlier to the environment' environment friendly products and furniture'. In this sense, eco friendly furniture can be made ​​from recycled material or of easily degradable materials.

eco friendly furniture banks,home furniture designs

eco friendly furniture chairs,home furniture designs
eco friendly furniture chairs
Decorate your home without neglecting the environment
Furthermore, how important it is now preserving species endangered-plant and animal-an eco friendly furniture is usually made ​​of materials such as cork, corrugated cardboard, bamboo, and some types of allowable wood, tapestry, weaving, colors and natural fibers, etc.. What is the ideal space for my eco friendly furniture in homes?

Fortunately, the variety of eco-friendly furniture design has expanded to the point that you can completely renovate your house with them. Find eco furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, Eco friendly kitchens, bedrooms and even terraces.

Personal recommendation Clara eco furniture is that you include more casual decors that about rustic and country. In this regard, she tells us:
Personally, I like to think of as parts of eco friendly furniture spaces fun and rest, because they are lighter, rustic finishes and different colors. Have a variety of colors for fun with them.

eco friendly furniture modern design home furniture
modern designs of eco friendly furniture for homes
If you like modern designs in the interior, i suggest this article Top catalog of hanging chairs 2014 .

eco friendly furniture modern design home
eco friendly furniture modern design
In fact, organic trend in interior design and furniture not only manifested in eco friendly materials, but also leave notes about textures and colors . Let wicker or recycled wood are the stars of your home decor.

The trend in decoration and furniture is not just about the materials that represent nature as wood, stones, organic visual textures and the like. The imitation of these textures is also valid.

Your own recycled furniture (eco friendly furniture)!

With a little creativity, you can develop your own eco furniture , considering that the recycling and reuse is the most practical way to get new furniture for the living room or bedroom for example.

If it is reusable wooden crates fruits are excellent to start reinventing. They are flexible but strong enough to form structures, and I'm pretty sure that abound in your city.
These boxes have many uses, believe it or not.

eco friendly furniture, eco shelves and cupboard
eco friendly furnitur (shelves and cupboard)
eco friendly furniture, eco wall shelves
eco friendly furniture shelves

More trends in eco friendly furniture design:

Do not let it escape trends! As for eco furniture design, the variety is endless, but always have a couple of styles that never go out of fashion and will remain in effect for virtually a lifetime. Among them include the vintage and minimalist, which can safely accommodate the ecological principles that dominate the world of design.

The functionality for saving space is important. And as for style, with its simple lines minimalist, vintage or eclectic style with antiques and modern finishes recycled colors. 
These trends are reflected in the furniture, which are seeing a lot of shapes simple and linear, with a more minimalist side. Search
The vintage style of antique furniture with modern colors and finishes is also a favorite of designers and users.

eco friendly furniture,eco chair modern design
eco friendly chair in modern design
eco friendly furniture,eco chair design
eco friendly furnitur chair
Beyond the materials used in the manufacture, love for nature is also reflected in the shapes and textures. Dare to experiment with your eco-friendly furniture that will not only be on par with the trend, but also be contributing to the natural resources of the Earth last us more.


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