For each one asked how to design a beautiful fireplace for home interiors, some tips and ideas to make suitable fireplace design for your home style and space

modern fireplace unique design, beautiful fireplace
modern fireplace unique design

Fireplace designs, types and ideas in the interior:

Weeks ago i offered article about one type of fireplaces in the interior, so if you interested fireplaces i advice you visit this post Electric fire and fireplace top tips for choosing .

modern fireplace design, fireplace designs
modern fireplace design

Simple fireplace designs for a modern house:

The fireplace design for home in a tropical country will face more difficulties with the tropical house in Korea due to the harsh winters to the music lasts several tens of degrees or monthly. So use fireplaces density seems very low, or maybe the day taking in cold weather damage.

A tropical climate where clear, cold weather not only occupy many fourth time in years. Therefore,  people have the habit at fireplace designs when building homes and not really familiar with the use of a fireplace in the family.

In addition, small houses, the major limitation in the layout of the room a fireplace for cold winter. This also makes homeowners disturbed by the fireplace will operate only in the cold months, the rest we will keep as an ornament in the space occupation in the room.

However, the appearance of many patterns and designs, fireplace constituent materials on the market have made many people want to design a fireplace in the living room, just as attractive focal point of the room just to be able to create warm air in winter.

A few suggestions below to help you design a fireplace application, united with the house are using.

classic fireplace design ideas, fireplace designs
classic fireplace design ideas

Fireplace Designs for classic house and interiors:

Selection of suitable design is quite important in interior design. Use a fireplace modern or classic to choose the most suitable designs for interiors, home architecture to avoid the phase difference in tone between the furniture together. An antique fireplace must "go" with antique furniture, may be the renaissance furniture or decorative curved motifs, frills on walls, railings, stairs ...

wood fireplace for classic interiors, fireplace designs
wood fireplace for classic interiors

Interior fit of fireplace design:

Most fireplaces are fussy decoration motifs, crafted to the house with the classic, even those with strong lines, soft colors with simple shapes, clear, coherent for modern homes.

Fireplace material composition :

brick fireplace classic design for large space
brick fireplace classic design for large space
Brick fireplace usually occupies a large area

There are two common types of fireplace wood and cement. With concrete structures, painted fireplace scan, looks very decorative shape personality, strong and above all durability over time. But brick fireplace covers much more but they are easier to design, more decorative wooden fireplace. And of course tiles retain heat better and also safer.

wood fireplace classic design, fireplace designs
wood fireplace classic design
Fireplaces, wood chips footprint and more flexible brick fireplace.

The fireplace with wood makes a charming, luxury homes. In particular they can be moved easily to create new space or utilize the area as needed.

corner fireplace design ideas, classic fireplace, wood fireplace
corner fireplace design ideas, classic fireplace
Today, many new types of fireplaces are born, instead of using wood or brick, they are made from materials that are relatively safe to fire as iron, steel and are heat-, high-quality anti-heat .

Fireplace Dimensions:

modern fireplace design to save space, fireplace designs
modern fireplace design to save space
Modern Fireplace to saves space

Fireplaces are one of the furniture occupies quite a large area of ​​the room, especially with the old-style fireplace, uniquely designed according to rigid blocks. So consider to be a beautiful fireplace and reasonable.

If there is a reasonable area, can use all types of wood fireplace. Not only beautiful, modern elegance also very convenient in use because of the flexibility in the utilization of space.

modern wall mounted fireplace design ideas, fireplace designs
modern wall mounted fireplace design ideas
Homeowners still disturbed area for heating, especially those houses have dense, these types of fireplaces just nice and secure to use. There may be a fireplace or wall mounted faucet or those with scroll wheel throughout the house.

They operate on the principle of metabolic carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide form is lower (CO2) and water vapor. For heating, a modern fireplace combustion system using a secure high-energy production of natural gas instead of using traditional charcoal.

wall mounted fireplace, corner fireplace design ideas
wall mounted fireplace, corner fireplace design ideas
wall mounted fireplace in modern house interior, fireplace designs
wall mounted fireplace in modern house interior
Veils as a picture frame.

We have completely changed the design, size, technology seems to have lit a fire ... "makeover" from the old mantle to bring a new look to your living room without compromising existing performance in any position you want.

Note: The heaters should be arranged in a cool place in the room, easy air circulation and heat is spread evenly. With new home construction, homeowners should have consulted from design, construction to have a nice room and high efficiency.


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