Home design trends 2014 towards simplicity with basic lines, elegant, but still uphold personality, impressive

Time of furniture items available to buy, decorative style monotonous identical in all over the house. 2014 is the year to mark and express your personality in your home. Please arrange for home interior more cozy accommodation with widgets and highlight colors, making every little detail in your home more impressive. At the very least, you should also shop several eye-catching title or pillow casings fun for cabinet knobs to hit the house of a little "me" into his living space.

Bold personality

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical
contemporary kitchen trends 2014
You can use the highlight color ...

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical

Or the fancy decorative details to express the "I" of the self with beautiful patterns sofa

Beautiful but practical

In addition to beautiful and impressive, the design house must also suit the actual needs and convenience of the owner. By combining ingenuity and creativity, you will have a beautiful house recently, and useful, practical. You can add wheels mounted on the things in the house to move easily when needed. Or you can also arrange a work area in the living room to add functionality to the space.

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical

Not only beautiful, the house still needs to use the facilities.

New living space environmentally friendly

Living space with friendly items such as water heaters solar energy more and more users join hands to protect the environment. In addition, the beautiful green pots will help your house clean, fresh and smooth. Add a few small potted plants in your home is not difficult, is not it?

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical

The small green pots will help your house more green. 

Creativity in the design of storage space

There is enough storage space as well as storage furniture so neat is that the concern of many people, especially those who own small living space. The multi-functional furniture, has high aesthetic value, both for convenient storage furniture is popular in home design. Also, the color box located under the table, chassis cabinets will help you trim neatly furnished without purchasing additional cupboards, new shelves.

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical

The house will be more neat if you know how smart storage.

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical

The high-tech items

These high-tech devices not only for their daily needs and entertainment of the owner but also works great in the home decoration. Sleek, modern and useful, high-tech devices make your life easier, more efficient and make the living space more luxurious, elegant

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical
high-tech interior design
Comfortable living space with modern electronic items.

Colors, shapes and textures

The colors are vibrant and bright new trend this year, especially purple orchid - mixing colors purple, light pink and dark pink color which was honored as the 2014. The dish combines interior colors, different shapes will bring a modern look and sharper for your living space.

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Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical

House vivid, impressive color schemes efficiently thanks.

Luxurious materials and soft

Instead of using cotton and burlap, you think about the material more elegant and graceful as velvet, silk to decorate the house. Despite the strong favorite and elegance of the coarse fabric, you should still combine the softness of velvet, silk in the small details to bring the feeling of lightness, smoothness than for living space themselves.

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical
luxurious living room interior
Bring the luxury thanks to the beautiful sofa with soft material such as velvet, silk.

Bringing art into living space

Style, art school you choose to decorate their homes entirely from the vibration in your heart. It could be vintage, retro, modern style, depending on the direction you came. However, in 2014, we will aim to use artwork to decorate a large size home. 

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical
art deco interior design
2014 prioritized the art large size.

Home design trends 2014 beautiful and practical
home design trends 2014 for dining room


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