Do you want to buy coffee table? see the top tips on how to choose coffee table style ( modern, rustic and storage coffee table ) and basic trends for coffee tables, 15 contemporary coffee tables

When choosing furniture 21st century residents initially evaluated its functionality and ergonomics. However, this does not apply to the purchase of a coffee table. Ergonomics for it plays no role, functionality is limited to the role of space to accommodate small items: magazines, newspapers, ashtrays, flower vases.

unique coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee table
unique coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee table

Coffee table in the interior:

In the interior of the coffee table is given more decorative role. Not surprisingly, this furniture manufacturers are paying full attention to the development of interesting shapes, decoration, choice of materials. However, a wide range of market complicates the process of selecting the optimal model for coffee table.

modern luxury coffee table, buy coffee table, choose coffee table
luxury modern coffee table
royal coffee table, classic coffee table
royal and luxury coffee table
The most popular products are now made of wood, metal and glass coffee table. Wooden coffee tables made from natural wood species not fit every interior direction, however, is not deterred buyers rarely high enough value. Budget option - glass tables that can fit nicely into almost any room.

glass coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee table
modern glass table for interior
unique coffee table, contemporary coffee table

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Creative coffee table designs and models

Glass is initially its undemanding in terms of care. Advanced technology gives manufacturers the ability to create glass coffee tables, table tops which daunting break or scratch. Should also consider such obvious advantages as optical glass weightlessness. Glass model not only clutter, but also expand the room space.

modern coffee table, buy and choose coffee table
contemporary glass coffee table
Dreaming of inexpensive and at the same time elegant furniture, worth to buy products from Asia, oriental products have remained popular for many years, maintaining a reasonable cost. Quality magazine glass tables, made in China, it is comparable to European products.

wood coffee table, modern small coffee table
small wooden coffee table
If a table is acquired to accommodate a sufficient number of items worth on variants endowed with two or three podstole. Comfort and convenience of a coffee table is determined by the degree of its compliance with certain characteristics. For instance, the height of the model should not exceed 50 cm, but it may not be less than 40 cm square tops ideal product is in the range of 0.5-1 m. m

unique coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee tables
How to choose and buy suitable coffee table
Expecting such quality coffee table as increased mobility, worth a stop on the model, equipped with wheels. No rattling during movement should not be exactly like sticking wheels. Ensure structural strength easily, making sure that small load does not force the legs to bend. Possible load value is better to clarify the seller if the table will be placed something heavier than a coffee cup.

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Models of coffee tables

As you know, the coffee table is much lower than the standard table. Therefore, transforming models are often endowed with a special mechanism that allows you to set the desired height of the feet, to fix the appropriate position in the countertop.

Popular option - model fitted inserts. The uniqueness of the table in special tabletops. Additional tabletops can be several or one to choose is worth depending on how many people will use the table at the same time.

Foldout version with "wings" will make a lasting impression on fans of creative design solutions. Additional countertop to resemble wings, in a folded version located along the legs. When the need arises, can provide multiple seating and table make even another shape. For example, the square model can easily become circular, find bizarre shape of a flower, with which you can surprise your guests.

Many coffee table models also have additional interesting features. There transforming coffee tables, endowed with a huge number of secret shelves and drawers built, easy to use them as a mini-bar. Fans of stylish solutions should certainly buy products equipped with built-in lights that will be an excellent choice for a romantic dinner.

Convenient option - folding tables, set on wheels that can be moved in accordance with the current needs of the apartment owners.

It is not necessary to buy a folding table. The range of furniture stores there is a great variety of interesting models of sofas, equipped with built-in coffee tables. Perhaps this is the most optimal solution for small-sized living room.

unique coffee table,contemporary glass coffee table
modern glass coffee table
unique coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee table
How to choose and buy suitable coffee table
storage coffee table, modern white coffee table
storage coffee table modern style
There are exclusive album for table

stylish coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee table

unique coffee table, modern and contemporary coffee table

unique coffee table, contemporary storage coffee table
How to choose and buy suitable coffee table
unique coffee table,coffee table set, contemporary coffee tables
How to choose and buy suitable coffee table
Of course, the style of interior room - an important point when choosing coffee table. For example, to design high-tech model is worth to buy uncluttered, decorated glass inserts.


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