Spiral staircase to the second floor or spiral stairs for attic in a private home, are quite popular, because they look much sleeker conventional propulsion, occupy less space

No wonder that in many cottages instead of the usual stairway set screw, otherwise - spiral stairs leading to the second floor or attic, because they look much sleeker and takes up less space and is much more convenient to use.

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Such a ladder is a tube around which the fixing of the central axis, and a stage disposed a pair of handrails. And while all this construction with an unstable and shaky, but in reality it is very strong and of course safe.

Spiral staircase to second floor:

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Subtleties Interfloor installation spiral staircase

Spiral staircase to the second floor in private homes often used not only for its intended purpose, but as interior decorating interior. Usually they are made of wood and steel, but sometimes they decorate and complement other materials.

spiral staircase, spiral stairs,spiral staircases,wood spiral staircase

The first thing that must be taken care chooses to purchase a similar design - where and how to place it in the house. The fact that there are certain nuances that are worth certainly consider.
  • Do not mount the stairs too close to the wall, otherwise there will be problems with the assembly.
  • Also should abandon such a structure, if a family has young children and elderly parents, for whom the use of ladders can be dangerous.

Once decided where it will be located design, you need to choose the design and finish of the stairs, which are suitable to the interior of the house. Referring to certain firms can use this service as a personal interior design: professional designer will select Backboard ladder which is ideal for home decoration customer with all its wishes.

spiral staircase, spiral stairs,spiral staircases, metal spiral staircase
Choice of spiral staircases unusually wide: you can choose between the classic style and trendy design. To the general background of Private house interior staircase to the second floor and did not look good contrasted with him, you need to think in advance about how it will look. Sometimes such a design may not fit into the overall design of the room and look very tasteless in a house with improper layout.

The main thing - to take care of as a ladder and get it in good company, trusted manufacturers. It is also important to know all the details about the purchase, in order to avoid possible incidents afterwards.

If the installation is not scheduled spiral staircase in the cottage and the apartment have to take care of the coordination of redevelopment apartment also may need specialist advice.

Awesome spiral staircase designs:

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spiral staircase, spiral stairs,spiral staircases

spiral staircase, spiral stairs,spiral staircases

spiral staircase, spiral stairs,spiral staircases

spiral staircase, spiral stairs,staircases,wood staircase

The spiral stairs or spiral staircase is suitable for small area , I hope you can get your prefer design of spiral staircase .

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